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I am offering a private one on one self defense class to anyone interested. I have over 25 years teaching experience in this field. I hold several Black belt Ranks in several styles of Martial Arts including, Jee Do Kwan, Kick Boxing, American Open Style, Korean Traditional, Tae Kwan Do, MMA, Aikio Do, Boxing, Kung Fu, Hand to Hand combat, and more.

The price for the class is just $60 and it is a 2 hour class. It will cover things such as; how to stay safe, what to not do, what to do, how to prevent attacks, safety awareness, ordinary objects you can use as weapons, how to use virtually any part of your body as a weapon, escape techniques, hand, foot, knee, leg, head, etc, etc, techniques. This is the most informational class you will ever take and it may just save your life. If you would like to bring a friend along then the class would be $50 each. I am located in Gaffney, SC

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